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Public relations practitioners provide communication services to organisations by giving advice to management, planning and implementing communication activities and evaluating their effectiveness.



May perform the following tasks:




Personal Qualities:



Entry Requirements:

There is no specific subjects requirements to enter Public Relations field. However, subjects at H.S.C. (Principal)/G.C.E. "A" level in English, Social Studies, a foreign language are preferred.



Public Relations Officers are usually university graduates. A few universities offer degree courses in Public Relations.

Graduates in other areas such as social sciences are employed by Public Relations Department.

All newcomers to the profession are trainees doing on-the-job training.
However, at some junior positions, certificates or diplomas in Communications are acceptable qualifications.




Public relations officers work for a variety of organisations such as large industrial or commercial firms, tertiary institutions, industry groups, retail outlets, financial institutions, charitable organisations and insurance firms.

There is strong competition for any positions offered in this field, but people with experience or formal educational qualifications are generally in demand.